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Price Cap falls again to £1,568 - and more changes are coming

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Carbon Reduction Private Equity

Carbon Emissions: Driving a meaningful reduction in your business

For carbon reduction to feel achievable, business leaders need clear direction on where to act (and how) to drive the most impactful efficiencies. With this clarity comes greater opportunities for cost savings, value creation, and investor attraction.

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Preparing third party relationships for more winter debt

Record debt levels mean high volumes of customers are likely to be sat in external collections processes. Suppliers must focus on strengthening third party performance in the build-up to winter, across the five areas covered in our framework.

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Private Equity ESG

Materiality - The route to ESG value creation

An ESG materiality assessment is used to identify and prioritise ESG issues that are most significant to businesses and stakeholders, creating the path for meaningful impact that attracts investment. In this blog, we break down the elements of an effective ESG materiality assessment, and how it can be applied to bring value creation to life for businesses.

Financial Services

Addressing the £m risk of complaints firefighting

For banking and credit card organisations, rising complaint volumes are a warning on the cost of firefighting instead of addressing root causes, which is particularly risky in the context of Consumer Duty.

Financial Services

Rethinking complaints maturity as resolution times rise

FCA’s latest complaints data might seem like ‘more of the same’ at headline-level, but for banking and credit card organisations, rising resolution times and backlogs are piling on more handling costs, and increasing the risk of customer churn.

BFY News

Kevin Scott joins BFY Group as Director

We’re thrilled to announce that Kevin Scott has joined BFY Group as Director. Kevin brings exceptional experience to the team, having delivered large-scale operational change at the largest UK retailers, across over 20 years in Utilities.

Energy Market Strategy and Commercial

Suppliers can realise potential of dynamic tariffs with customer clarity

Is your understanding of customer segments deep enough to realise the true impact of dynamic pricing, and innovative tariffs? We show where the opportunities lie here.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” - and transformation for lunch

Peter Drucker's famous quote reminds us that no matter how detailed and solid a strategy is, when it comes down to it, the teams implementing the plan are the ones that make all the difference.


Winter Preparedness - Is it time for a Debt Health Check?

Given the £bn increases in unsecured debt and Direct Debit failures over the past year, suppliers have an opportunity to re-assess how they're set up to deliver customer outcomes. Leveraging this understanding is key to take control in such a challenging macro environment - see how improvements can be brought to life in this blog.


Watch: Why bad debt is an emerging concern

Falling energy prices are welcome news, but there's an emerging concern for suppliers, surrounding their approach to forecasting bad debt as market conditions change. In this video, Rachel Littlewood shares lessons from the front line to help you recognise potential cashflow challenges.

Energy Market Strategy and Commercial

Consumer inflation was greater, later and longer-lasting than figures suggest

Official inflation figures aren’t fully reflective of how energy bills impact some consumers based on when they use energy, and how they pay – we’ve crunched the numbers. By adjusting the CPI to account for real changes during the energy crisis, we show when the real peak was likely to be, why this varies by payment method, and how this lines up with recent debt trends.

Financial Services

Vulnerability: Call to design for outcomes, not products

With the FCA's vulnerability review underway, firms should be assessing their ability to evidence the delivery of good customer outcomes. And product design is one area we feel this is often overlooked. The FCA have clearly stated proactivity is crucial, and we've already seen the successes of firms who've prioritised vulnerability in the early stages of design.

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