Operations & Service Recovery

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Members of the BFY Group team sat together in the BFY office.
I’ve found the team at BFY to be a dedicated and personable bunch of people, who have their clients success at the heart of what they do. Definitely the most effective consultants I’ve worked with in a long career within the utilities sector.

Operations & Service Recovery

Drive lasting change through continuous improvement

Service provision is complicated in Utilities. Multiple, disparate processes must work in unison to deliver the right outcome for customers and suppliers. When problems arise, overcoming them quickly is crucial to protect performance and satisfaction. Often, this is more difficult than it sounds. Every operational team has its own unique challenges, which are heightened by the evolving presence of regulatory and industry-specific constraints. This is where real experience and in-depth knowledge are invaluable.

At BFY, we can help you to enhance service quality and realise positive operational change, through the core principles of Operational Excellence. Our experts hold a proven track record in Operations and Service Recovery, empowering suppliers in Energy and Utilities to overcome their biggest, and most disruptive challenges.

We can help with:

  • Reducing financial loss through revenue leakage
  • Improving same day closure performance in complaints
  • Reducing bill shock and overdue unbilled customers
  • Enhancing accuracy in customer switching and COT
  • Increasing SMART deployment success
  • Maximising PAYGO cash recovery
Members of the BFY Group team working in the BFY office.
From day one the BFY team have been approachable, willing to help and roll their sleeves up to get fully immersed into the problem and the team. I'd highly recommend BFY.

Less disruption, faster improvements

When driving change, customer experience doesn’t need to suffer. Move faster, and resolve issues sooner, with unique insight from our best practice approaches. Offering expertise from real-world experience, we can provide a blueprint for overcoming your most disruptive challenges, allowing you to achieve and maintain exceptional levels of performance.

Our specialists are fully immersed in the problems that you face. As a team who’ve experienced the industry for ourselves, we’ve felt the frustrations that an underperforming process can bring. Leveraging this insight to empower other suppliers is what’s built our esteemed reputation. We combine this with the core principles of Operational Excellence, creating an approach that breeds pace, agility, and improvement.

Transferring knowledge, and internal upskilling, are fundamental in the exceptional results that we deliver. We partner with your key business leaders to share and embed our industry expertise, ensuring that your operational teams are set up for enduring success.

Meet the team

Our Operations experts

Small headshot image of Jon Vincent, Senior Manager at BFY Group.

Jon Vincent

Senior Manager

Jon helps clients resolve problems with billing, settlements, and customer service.

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Lauren McCullough


Lauren leads our clients through Operational Excellence, Lean Transformations and Continuous Improvement activity.

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Louise Willumsen

Senior Consultant

Louise helps clients to achieve Operational Excellence, and specialises in driving continuous improvement through sales and retention performance, and process efficiency.

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Arek Swedrowski

Senior Consultant

Arek helps clients to achieve Operational Excellence with demand reduction, performance improvements, and process optimisation.

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Natasha Lunt

Senior Consultant

Natasha helps clients to improve their operational processes and business performance, through planning and performance tracking.

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Ashley McLeod

Senior Consultant

Ashley helps clients to achieve Operational Excellence by driving continuous improvement, across people, processes, and systems.

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