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Cash recovery initiatives deliver ~£275m benefit for large Energy supplier

Project Lead: Emma Kassim
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Emma Kassim, Senior Consultant at BFY Group
Project Lead: Kev Brown

£4.5m in Bad Debt benefits for large energy retailer

We helped a large energy retailer to generate immediate in-year debt benefits through tactical interventions. Our programme delivered ~£4.5m in Bad Debt benefit and ~£8.5m in cash collection, all while maintaining customer and productivity measures within the operation.

Project Lead: Wade Robertson

Large energy supplier avoids ~£7.5m in complaints costs

We supported a large energy supplier with a transformation programme, looking at how they can manage their complaints inflow and address the growing backlog. The programme transformed their complaints capability and resulted in ~£7.5m in cost avoidance.

Jonathan Paton, Senior Manager at BFY Group.
Project Lead: Jonathan Paton

Collections improvements deliver ~£5m cash for Water retailer

We supported a B2B Water retailer with a series of collections improvements, achieving a cash uplift of ~£5m in five months.

Project Lead: Holly Odle

Tactical debt improvements deliver ~£7m cash for large Energy retailer

A large Energy retailer was facing significant challenges with customer debt, requiring improvements to their collections processes to mitigate this. Their total debt was ~£100m at the time of engaging BFY, with communication gaps present across the customer debt journey.

Project Lead: Joseph Cooper

Debt Taskforce delivers 10x ROI for large B2B Water supplier

A large B2B Water supplier was facing significant bad debt challenges, and required support with managing this. They recognised that their collections strategy was underperforming, seeking opportunities to optimise this and increase output.

Debt Transformation
Project Lead: Joseph Cooper

Debt improvements through organisational design for a large supplier

We supported a large energy supplier with improving their debt book performance, after our Debt Maturity Assessment highlighted gaps in their ways of working and organisational design. Over a six-month period, we delivered a series of improvements to the supplier’s processes, also enhancing their ability to manage performance internally.

Project Lead: Kev Brown

Managing reputational risk in a debt sale for a large B2C energy supplier

Large B2C energy supplier required guidance around the possibility of selling debt and the potential impact on its reputation. We conducted a debt feasibility study, establishing which customer accounts could be sold, presenting an expected valuation and risk-level for each purchaser.

Industry Operations Debt
Project Lead: Rachel Littlewood

Improving retention for a large energy supplier with ~£25m benefit opportunity

Large supplier was retaining ~5% of customers when moving in or out of a property. We created a plan to improve retention performance and mitigate the impact on data capture, debt collection, and complaints, while also enhancing customer experience.

Transformation Re-platforming
Project Lead: Rachel Littlewood

Identifying a ~£1m cost avoidance opportunity in a large supplier's customer migration

We supported a large energy supplier with the migration of its customer base to a new system provider. As this was a background migration, we helped the supplier to cleanse their existing customer data, ensuring that any potential risks were recognised in advance and managed effectively.

Project Lead: Rachel Littlewood

Challenger supplier reduces debt book by ~£30m with improved processes and new campaigns

Challenger energy supplier facing ~£75m debt book increase due to inefficient processes, a lack of collection campaigns, and little progress towards Ofgem smart meter install targets.

Operational Excellence
Project Lead: Lauren McCullough

​Large B2B supplier increases efficiency with operational excellence

We supported a large B2B energy supplier with operational improvements in its Pricing team, aiming to increase efficiency and reduce the time taken to produce prices for new and existing customers.

Industry Operations
Project Lead: Jon Vincent

Operational process improvements deliver ~£15m cash benefit for large energy retailer

We supported a large energy retailer with the management of its prepayment portfolio, where a shortfall in expected cash was causing a double-digit revenue gap. This problem was expected to increase in scale significantly, due to the ongoing energy crisis and its impact on prices.

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