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The BFY team provided a mixture of hands on delivery expertise working with middle management, as well as contributing to strategic thinking with the senior team needed to build our Operating Model and enduring capability. Their access to external insight both from the industry and at customer level was invaluable.


Empowering you for long-term success

Change is key to the success of any business. Markets, regulations, and internal demands are constantly evolving, and there is a constant need to adapt. Deciding when and where to take action is just one side of the battle. What follows is a highly complex journey with its own unique challenges, which can be the difference between achieving long term benefit and not, if handled poorly. This is where insight from real experience can be invaluable, and our experts have plenty to offer.

At BFY, we can help you to unlock the benefits of transformational change. This means staying ahead of the competition, while delivering positive outcomes for your business and customers. Our expertise covers a broad range of transformation initiatives, offering real-world experience to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

We can help with:

  • Fundamentally improving longer term servicing performance​
  • Reducing attrition​
  • Increasing employee engagement​
  • Reducing the change curve impact​
  • Outsourcing well and maximising value​
  • Scoping for and delivering customer migrations​
  • Delivering operational cost savings
  • Programme and project management for your critical transformation projects

Experience that helps you to pre-empt your challenges

Delivering change can be daunting – it doesn’t need to be. Transformation projects often start with good intentions, coming unstuck when unexpected problems arise, and delay the delivery of positive outcomes. But what happens when you spot these obstacles earlier, and face them head-on, with practical solutions? Progress accelerates, teams become stronger, and exceptional results can be achieved.

A proper plan, delivered by experienced leaders who’ve ‘got the t-shirt’, can help to ensure that uncertainty doesn’t translate into underachievement. Our experts have already gone the distance when it comes to transformation. We offer a unique perspective on the challenges that can arise, and how they can be managed proactively, leveraging our experience to accelerate your journey towards positive change. By embedding ourselves within your team, we ensure that you’re fully equipped to deliver on your immediate goals, while also setting you up for enduring success on any future transformation projects.

Meet the team

Our Transformation experts

Jonathan Paton

Senior Manager

Jon specialises in Customer Operations leadership, customer contact, and operational service delivery transformation/improvement.

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Kev Brown


Kev leads our continuous improvement and lean transformations, working with leaders to deliver our Operational Excellence programme.

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Zander Cleves


Zander specialises in change management and business transformation, delivering commercial insight to clients through financial modelling.

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Small headshot image of Leanne Armstrong, Senior Consultant at BFY Group.

Leanne Armstrong

Senior Consultant

Leanne helps clients to achieve operational excellence through demand reduction, process optimisation, and cost to serve initiatives.

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Small headshot image of Craig Sutherland, Senior Consultant at BFY Group.

Craig Sutherland

Senior Consultant

Craig has experience working on both large and small-scale business transformations, IT and people migration programmes, change management and leading cultural transformation.

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