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When working together, we really value the contribution and material impact made by BFY's team, creating an ambitious and high achieving project environment whilst also passing on their expertise to the team. What pleases me most is the creation “one team” environment, which supports the delivery of one collective goal.

Customer Debt

Optimise your approach to customer debt

Customer debt is tricky to manage. A careful, but effective approach is needed to mitigate the risks of revenue loss, reputational damage, and regulatory action. Debt isn’t a new problem, but its impact is severely heightened in today’s climate, with the cost of living crisis forcing more and more customers into financial difficulty.

For suppliers, this is creating the perfect storm. Rising debt levels are detracting from bottom-line performance, while collections teams and processes are being stretched like never before, lacking the capabilities needed to take control of this extreme situation. Although there’s good reason to be concerned, it’s important to remember that you’re not powerless. A balance between cash collection and customer support is achievable, with the right direction on where and how to act.

At BFY, we can help you to enhance your approach to managing debt, building a high performing, risk-focussed collections process. Our expertise in this area is powerful and unique, leveraging industry insight and benchmarking data to realise transformational improvements.

We can help with:

  • Diagnosing the root causes of your customer debt challenges
  • Benchmarking your performance against industry best practice
  • Identifying debt drivers and recognising opportunities through debt book analysis
  • Optimising campaigns and collections through tactical action
  • Enhancing your debt strategy with automation, systems, and specialist treatments
  • Extracting value from uncollected debt by advising on a debt sale
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BFY has supported the implementation of best practice debt book segmentation, allowing us to gain better insight around debt that is out of process and recommended actions needed to improve processes. They also helped us to develop agent level performance tracking, leading to improved call success rates.

Deliver lasting improvements through unique debt solutions

Different customer segments require unique debt solutions. Whether you’re looking to prevent new customers from entering the cycle, or engaging with vulnerable customers who are already deep within it, specific knowledge and skills should be applied to manage the situation effectively. With each of these unique scenarios playing out at once, you may feel like you can’t see the wood for the trees. This is where external insight can prove to be invaluable.

Our solutions are curated to cover the full scope of your debt challenges. We hold experience in delivering improvements at each stage of the debt cycle, combining insight with action to help you play to your strengths, and address your weaknesses. Our support is flexible, meaning you can engage our experts for immediate tactical improvements, or a full end-to-end debt transformation. We also make it our priority to set you up for future success. By embedding our knowledge within your operation, we equip you with the capabilities to continue managing debt effectively, long after you’ve worked with us.

Meet the team

Our Debt experts

Rachel Littlewood


Rachel leads our Financial Optimisation work streams, working with leaders to improve profitability & cashflow

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Joseph Cooper


Joseph supports our Retail clients to improve their operational processes and business performance.

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Kev Brown

Senior Manager

Kev leads our continuous improvement and lean transformations, working with leaders to deliver our Operational Excellence programme.

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Ed Breslin


Ed works with clients to improve their cash flow/revenue delivery, and leading the Commercial/Financial Modelling within our M&A/Transaction Advisory engagements.

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Holly Odle

Senior Consultant

Holly supports clients with large-scale business transformation programmes, delivering significant bottom line improvements through back-office optimisation.

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