Avoiding up to ~£60m lost sales value in system migration for energy supplier

Jonathan Paton, Senior Manager at BFY Group.

We helped a large supplier to mitigate a potential ~£60m loss in SME energy sales, through the delivery of a robust migration framework.

Our team highlighted new reporting to enable workflow lists linked to ~£10m in new gains; as well as impact assessing >25 issues to support effective prioritisation and the assessment of FTE needs for interim manual workarounds. This was all wrapped with a new meeting and governance approach to ensure rigour, ownership and clarity.

What was our client’s challenge?

The supplier’s SME business was at risk of triggering a ‘stop sales’ position, driven by a lack of visibility and understanding of impacts and dependencies from IT and process fixes required, following migration to a new ERP system.

Despite being a considerable way into the migration, less than 1% of the supplier’s SME sales were being processed via the new ERP system.

With just over two months until the migration deadline, it was imperative this capacity was dramatically increased, or the supplier risked losing out on ~£5million per month in gross margin.

Why was this happening?

~10 major issues were blocking the supplier from increasing this capacity, with no centralised visibility of their impact, or accountable owner for ensuring they were progressed.

As such, a significant gap existed in understanding the path required to unblock these issues and realise the full sales volume, including any manual intervention activity required whilst automations are built.

Also, limited documentation existed, with no defined processes or effective reporting in place, heightening the risk of losing out on successful account gains worth ~£10million per annum.

How did BFY help?

We helped our client to recover the position of its SME business by:

  • Implementing a robust framework, which enabled structured onboarding of all internal and third-party integration methods
  • Segmenting, quantifying and prioritising issues, to enable delivery of tech fixes for all major blockers
  • Developing interim processes, workflows and controls to support the delivery of the full sales volume

What results did this deliver?

Our initiatives helped the client to mitigate significant risks in its SME business ahead of their impending migration deadline.

Key results included:

  • Enabling the avoidance of a ‘stop sales’ position, linked to ~£60million of sales potential, through delivery of the migration framework
  • Enabling workflow lists linked to ~£10million in new gains, through creation of reporting
  • Mitigation of >25 issues impacting SME sales performance, through effective prioritisation and assessment
Very successful delivery. BFY were a high quality, very knowledgeable team with a structured approach to problem solving. The structure of the engagement was great and the BFY team worked very collaboratively with the internal team.

Director of SME

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