Transformation Case Studies

Debt Transformation
Project Lead: Joseph Cooper

Debt improvements through organisational design for a large supplier

We supported a large energy supplier with improving their debt book performance, after our Debt Maturity Assessment highlighted gaps in their ways of working and organisational design. Over a six-month period, we delivered a series of improvements to the supplier’s processes, also enhancing their ability to manage performance internally.

Transformation Re-platforming
Project Lead: Rachel Littlewood

Identifying a ~£1m cost avoidance opportunity in a large supplier's customer migration

We supported a large energy supplier with the migration of its customer base to a new system provider. As this was a background migration, we helped the supplier to cleanse their existing customer data, ensuring that any potential risks were recognised in advance and managed effectively.

Debt Transformation
Project Lead: Ian Barker

Outsourced credit turnaround yields 10% bad debt reduction and ~£10m in cash

Challenger supplier faced difficulties with their outsourced credit partner. Our transformation plan delivered ~£25m benefit within 4 months, with ~£20m from new debt prevention.

Strategy Benchmarking Transformation
Project Lead: Ian Barker

Supporting a large supplier's transformation through challenger strategy and scenario analysis

Our client, a large Energy retailer, was looking for quantitative and qualitative analysis on how challenger energy suppliers operate. We delivered our insights and recommendations to the board using our modelling on the energy market, backed by the evidence gained through our benchmarking study.

Debt Transformation
Project Lead: Jonathan Paton

Debt collection per agent nearly doubles for large Energy supplier

Our client was aware it had an issue with the quality of debt conversations taking place between agents and customers. BFY Group partnered with the client over a six-month period, implement lasting change and nearly doubling the cash collected by each team member, delivering a benefit to the client of £3.5m per year.