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Energy Market Strategy and Commercial
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Strategy and Commercial

Energy Services – A catalyst for Private Equity

Digitalisation is accelerating rapidly in the energy sector, leading to a transformation of traditional business models, and the emergence of a tech-based energy services market. These companies are attracting significant investment from Private Equity firms, but what’s driving this? And is this trend here to stay?

Strategy and Commercial

ESG - Creating value beyond due diligence

As we see increasing evidence of the correlation between ESG practices and future business performance, firms should be on the front foot with ESG, looking to maximise opportunities for value creation. The obvious question is how?

M&A Strategy and Commercial

BFY Group supports Flogas in eEnergy acquisition

BFY Group is delighted to have supported Flogas in acquiring the Energy Management Division of eEnergy plc. The Energy Management Division of eEnergy is a digital energy services company, empowering organisations to achieve Net Zero by tackling energy waste and transitioning to clean energy, without the need for upfront investment.

Energy Market Strategy and Commercial

EV Adoption – Assessing the Energy market impact

The UK faces an ambitious timeline on its journey to Net Zero. Electric vehicles (EVs) will be a key driver of the transition, with 2035’s combustion engine ban set to shape not only the future of transportation, but also its adjacent markets – such as energy.

Energy Market Strategy and Commercial

Energy Switching - A return to the Big Six?

A familiar pattern is emerging in the Energy market. Analysis of switching behaviour and market share shows a concentrated landscape, dominated by six large suppliers. This leads us to ask – have we returned to the market structure of the 2010s? And where does this go next?

M&A Strategy and Commercial

Energy Transition – A driving force for M&A in 2024

Decentralisation, decarbonisation, and digitalisation are driving a major transformation in energy. As suppliers make the shift to a greener future, new M&A trends are emerging, posing the question - how can dealmakers maximise this opportunity?

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Water Operations and Service Recovery

Are Water suppliers ready for the latest cost-of-living challenges?

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) showed in their July 2023 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) that customers are more dissatisfied than ever, with the index at its lowest score for 8 years.

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Energy Market Debt

Pre-payment debt has increased 100% to £1bn since Q4-21

Over the past two years we’ve seen pre-payment meter (PPM) debts continuing to rise, and as of Q3-2023 they now stand at £1bn The amount of customers using their PPM to repay a debt has risen by 40% (up 220k to 750k), and the average debt balances have also risen by 40% (up £400 to £1,300) - resulting in a 100% (up £500m to £1bn) increase in total pre-payment meter debt.

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Cost-value connection: Upstream efficiencies for long-term savings

Cost cutting is often the first change identified in tough conditions. Support functions are hit hard, damaging customer retention and satisfaction in the long term. Instead, a combined focus on cost and value is key for success.

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Financial Services Complaints

Turning the tide – Complaints lessons for Financial Services

Complaints are on the rise in Financial Services. The FCA’s latest data (Oct-23) reports a 5% increase in volume between H2-22 and H1-23, and with regulatory pressure heightened across the industry – how can companies transform their approach to prevention and resolution?

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Financial Services Debt

Early-life collections – How to optimise your approach

As the demand for debt advice continues to break records (PayPlan, 2024), the pressure is mounting on Financial Services organisations to provide holistic, proactive support for those in difficulty.

Broken umbrella blown over onto the sand on a beach.

Using machine learning to predict and prevent customer delinquency

During a recent engagement with a large Energy retailer, we helped their Debt team to apply machine learning analysis within the customer base, identifying trends to predict (and later prevent) delinquency. With a new insight into which customers may face financial difficulty, the supplier was able to implement pre-emptive support, through improved segmentation and tailored customer journeys.

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