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Most customers worse off due to Jan 2024 Energy Price Cap

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Customer Service People and Culture Debt

Using accountability and incentives to manage agents effectively

You may feel like you’ve empowered your agents to be accountable for great customer outcomes, but you still don’t feel like you’re getting the results you need.

Customer Service Debt People and Culture

Leveraging data driven insight to empower agent performance

You may be feeling like you can't see the wood for the trees on agent performance and customer outcomes. You may not be clear on who is performing, and who isn’t – and crucially, why this is the case.

Customer Service Debt People and Culture

Embracing customer centricity for optimal agent performance

If you feel like problems aren’t being addressed upstream and early in the customer journey, then you may have a problem with a lack of customer centricity.

Debt Customer Service People and Culture

Achieving quality agent outcomes through quality training

Developing agent expertise is crucial at this stage in the cost of living crisis. Balancing collections with customer support requires a specific skillset, which can be built up through the delivery of quality training. In the first instalment of our Driving Agent Outcomes series, we outline what this training should involve, how it should be deployed, and why it's so important in today's climate.

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Customer Service Debt People and Culture

Driving Agent Outcomes – Insight Series

In our Driving Agent Outcomes series, we're focussing on the actions that can be taken to deliver better outcomes for customers, through higher quality interactions with contact centre agents.

Transformation People and Culture Customer Service

Looking Upstream - The benefits of focussing on your people

Are you focussing on your people? The value of this is sometimes overlooked, and could be impacting your costs. When service metrics begin to dip, like AHT or NPS, it's easy to get caught up in symptom-driven fixes. Rather than questioning process adherence or capacity management, look upstream, and think more about people.

BFY Group
Operational Excellence Customer Experience

Customer Experience – The role of people and performance

Perception is shaped by people. If your operational teams aren't optimised to perform together, customer experience, and attitudes towards your brand will suffer. With competition returning to the Energy market recently, suppliers should be striving to promote people excellence, delivering a service that customers want to stick around for.

Debt Energy Market

Dropping Prices - Rising Bills. Energy Price Cap Analysis.

Based on the latest update from Ofgem , the BFY Group team have modelled that prices will remain around £2,000 per year. The forecast £450 reduction in the headline rates won't be felt as a £450 saving customers pockets, this is because OFGEM have to articulate an annual value based on prices for a quarterly window.

Debt Water

Improving debt maturity in a challenging Water industry

In Water, B2B suppliers are facing a battle to be 'front of wallet', as the economic crisis continues to increase pressure on collections processes. To maintain stability, improvements to internal debt capabilities are essential.

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Operational Excellence Customer Experience

Customer Experience – The impact of process optimisation

In Utilities, what steps can you take to deliver a great customer experience? Start by establishing a deep understanding of needs and perceptions. Our blog outlines the benefits of this insight, when applied across the full customer journey.

BFY News Financial Services Customer Service

Jonathan Paton joins BFY Group as Senior Manager

Jon has joined the team as a Senior Manager, with a strong background in Energy, Utilities, and Financial Services, across management consulting and industry leadership roles.

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How to prevent a customer going to the Ombudsman with a complaint

If a complaint isn’t resolved within 56 days, the customer is informed about their rights. This means they can take their complaint to the energy Ombudsman to help resolve their dispute.

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