Success is knowing the steps to take

Transaction Advisory

When contracting with another party in the energy market, you need to know all of the potential rewards and risks. With so much commercial diversity, it is hard to make a confident assessment.  


BFY provides an independent due diligence service to any company considering a non-M&A transaction. We know every energy supplier, their commercial maturity and the effectiveness of their operation, from the call centre to the board. This enables us to advise clients how to structure contracts to deliver their objectives.

Financial and Commercial Due Diligence (FDD / CDD)

Our ability to rapidly assess a company’s financial position drives real value to our clients in a deal process. We support creditors to ensure their counter-party’s business plans are sustainable, and that the business has a long term viability. This has enabled a number of our clients to offer significantly enhanced credit terms.

Operational Due Diligence (ODD)

Our deep operational domain expertise allows us to rapidly assess operational performance and potential synergies, whether as part of a refinance or aligned to M&A activity.

Recent Cases:​

  • Due diligence on one of the fastest growing energy suppliers on behalf of a private equity client

  • Due diligence on a mid-sized energy supplier seeking a £50m credit line

  • Due diligence and valuation on the fastest growing energy retailer in the UK

Due diligence ensures you know the steps needed for a successful transaction