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More than ever, Financial Services must be adaptable to this ever-changing regulatory landscape, heightened by the increased levels of press coverage and political attention that we've seen all throughout the cost of living crisis.

Cheryl Richards


Financial Services

Achieve the exceptional in Financial Services

Disruption is evergreen in Financial Services. Customers expect seamless experiences, delivering more value through service quality, efficiency, and security - all within the confines of a tightening regulatory landscape.

Being able to anticipate and innovate is key to winning, approaching new challenges as opportunities for transformation. To lead the competition, companies must focus on:

  • Delivering good customer outcomes, in line with regulations
  • Innovating to grow seamlessly and sustainably
  • Modernising and future proofing their business infrastructure 

At BFY Group, we're rapidly establishing ourselves as a trusted change partner in Financial Services. Our FS team are leveraging over 40 years' industry experience to accelerate the transformation goals of our clients, through operational expertise and strategic insight.

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The highest levels of customer service are driven by teams that are empowered to actually fix the customers problem. This is a cultural change – and a big one. It's the type of customer centricity that’s needed during the cost of living crisis.

Jonathan Paton

Senior Manager

Customer Centricity

Empower your teams for good customer outcomes

An effortless experience has never been more desirable for customers. In a world where technology and its accessibility are both rapidly evolving, customers expect a lot from the services they use. At the same time, the FCA's Consumer Duty is holding companies up to new standards of consumer protection, creating a double-sided challenge for the industry.

Knowing how to act, and when, is critical to avoid stagnation or expensive mistakes. Our team can help you to cut through the noise and pursue the most valuable opportunities, by providing insight on the operational best practices required for fair outcomes.

We support clients with:

  • Embedding the principles of Operational Excellence
  • Identifying and implementing service delivery improvements
  • Delivering customer-centric leadership and team coaching
  • Enhancing collections and debt recovery performance
  • Managing and preventing customer complaints
  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Lean Portfolio Management

Sustainable Growth

Embrace change through strategic innovation

Ignoring diversification is no longer an option in Financial Services. It’s not enough to offer just one service or product. Customers expect to see banking, investing, and insurance all under one umbrella - or namely a single app.

As specialists in Strategic Transformation and Organisational Change Management, we can help you to enhance agility across each organisational layer, building an innovative culture that embraces opportunities for change. 

Examples of how we can help:

  • Shaping business strategy and building strategic resilience
  • Leveraging financial modelling to aid strategic decisions
  • Delivering Lean and Finance Transformation
  • Managing organisational change effectively

The need to adapt

Invest in a modern business structure

We're seeing an increasing strain on organisations that aren’t digital-first. Many are discovering that their legacy systems are no longer fit for purpose, moving to new systems to maximise opportunities for transformation and sustainable growth, providing they’re adopted successfully. Cheryl Richards Principal

Meet the Team

Our Financial Services Specialists

Jonathan Paton

Senior Manager

Jon specialises in Customer Operations leadership, customer contact, and operational service delivery transformation/improvement.

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Josh Marlow

Senior Consultant

Josh specialises in Lean Transformation, helping clients to achieve Operational Excellence by optimising processes and improving customer journeys.

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Tom Deen


Tom works with clients to maximise efficiencies, improve processes, and ensure strong relationships are maintained.

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Wade Robertson


Wade specialises in Transformation, Value Creation and Project Management, helping clients to identify and deliver on opportunities of significant value.

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Sophie Taylor-Jackson


Sophie helps our clients to transform their business by identifying challenges, and realising potential efficiencies or optimisations.

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Steve Cheung


Steve provides data expertise to our clients, helping them to identify opportunities, evidence business benefits, and develop objective performance tracking.

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Kelly Payne, Director at BFY Group. Jonathan Paton, Senior Manager at BFY Group. Jon Vincent, Senior Manager at BFY Group.


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