Ready to perform

Ready to perform

BFY helps make your operation run smoothly

The back office is the heart of a utility business. Ensuring all its moving parts are aligned and running smoothly means your business will perform at its best.

BFY understands the benefits of working in an end-to-end operating model, with highly capable multi-skilled agents, and we have been supporting clients to work in this way for over ten years.

How can we help

  • Industry operations and settlements - we will help you reduce back office exceptions and improve your settlement performance

  • Billing - on time billing performance and accuracy are hugely important, and highly dependent on minimising operational exceptions. Ensuring bills are ‘feasible’ and ‘plausible’ supports bill production and helps drive operating cash flow

  • Revenue leakage - resolving your under-billed and over-settled (over-charged) accounts can have a significant impact on cash flows