Understanding the true costs to customers of the Energy Price Cap

Written by Ian Barker
01 Mar 2023
Energy Market

Market Insight Summary

In our latest Market Insights report we review the true cost to customers of the Energy Price Cap - and whilst the headline levels of the Price Cap are huge, the real costs felt by the end customer will be lower - driven by both Government support, and annualising the Energy Price Caps over 12 months of costs (rather than trying to articulate 3 months of costs as an annual figure).

We also look at the costs of extending any further Government support, and what do future energy bills start to look like for customers.

We also consider where Customers and Energy Suppliers will start to feel the pain, and based on our work in Benchmarking suppliers debt costs and collections maturity, we share our views of how the levels of customer indebtedness will likely evolve over time.

To read the full Market Insight report, please click this link - BFY Energy Price Cap Analysis

To learn more, please contact Ian, Tom, Matt, or Zander.

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