• Ian Barker

Impacts of COVID-19 on B2B Energy

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Last week BFY were invited to speak at a CNG Energy webinar on the impacts being seen within the B2B energy market as a result of ‘lockdown’.

We provided a number of the key takeaways:

1. Portfolio impacts are currently severe, with up to 80% consumption reduction against seasonal norm depending on the customer demographic

2. Smaller customers typically twice as badly impacted in aggregate compared to larger customers

3. GDP impacts likely 3x as great as 2008/2009 crisis

4. A major uptick in business insolvency and corresponding increase Change of Tenancy is likely

5. However, all is not lost!

6. Annualised impacts likely >20% against business plan, a significant improvement against lockdown period

7. Wholesale prices likely more aligned to 2019 than 2018

For more information please drop me a message, or ask the fab CNG Energy team for access to the webinar.

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