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Two of our recent engagements at BFY Group have focused on maximising value creation opportunities in the Energy and Utilities sector, for two Private Equity-backed companies.

Both companies gained a unique insight into Energy and Utilities, thanks to the subject matter expertise of our team below.

Commercial due diligence in the purchase of an onshore wind business

Lead: Ian Barker, Managing Partner

BFY Group supported a PLC client, helping them to gain a unique insight into the onshore wind market and its future trends, prior to a potential purchase.

BFY analysed the business plan, customer book, and financial projections of the company our client was looking to purchase.

This helped our client to develop their investment model, identifying any red flags or upside, which could be realised post deal.

BFY are continuing to support the PLC client, as the purchase progresses into its next phase.

Operational review enables ~30% cost reduction for leading PE-backed utility company

Lead: Lisa Moran, Director

BFY Group helped a leading PE-backed utility company to stabilise their transformation ambition, by creating bespoke plans for managing risk and unlocking efficiency opportunities.

Our team completed an operational review, which uncovered an opportunity to reduce cost by ~30%, through the removal of waste and inefficiencies.

BFY are continuing to support the client, with plans to complete a target operating model review, which incorporates a full review of their business capability assessment.

We have a track record of partnering with management teams post-deal, helping them to transition to new ways of working that support private equity ownership build the foundations for growth and accelerate their business plans.

Angela Tooley


Energy and Utilities specialists for Private Equity

The BFY team advise our private equity clients across the investment lifecycle from providing market insight, commercial and ESG due diligence transaction services through to portfolio value creation and exit readiness.

We deliver growth, operational and ESG transformation in portfolio companies ensuring that outcomes support the investment strategy and that longer term plans have a clear route to value creation that can be diligence during the exit / refinancing process.

The insights and expertise through our knowledge of the energy and utility markets is valued by our private equity clients, helping them to qualify and quantify material levers, make better investment decisions, and realise value across their portfolios.

Contact Angela Tooley for more on these engagements, and how BFY's expertise in Energy and Utilities can help you to create investment value.

Angela Tooley

Head of Private Equity, Real Estate & ESG

Angela specialises in the creation and implementation of growth strategies, as well as supporting clients through special situations, with M&A advisory, restructuring, and crisis management.

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