Accelerated M&A process on behalf of a Senior Secured Creditor


Our client was facing adverse exposure of £30m in the event of failure by one of its domestic retail counterparties.

Following a Board meeting it was agreed the risk must be mitigated within a six weeks window, either through trade sale or book sale.

We were appointed as the lead advisor, with a Big 4 accountancy firm appointed to support on accountancy and regulatory issues.



We deployed our accelerated M&A team to conduct due diligence analysis of the domestic retailer, modelling the business, and customer book, at pace to prepare for all disposal options.

We prepared the Information Memorandum and identified potential acquirers.

We provided our client, the creditor, with potential options for disposal and provided strategic advice on the best execution, highlighting the time constraints of certain options.

We prepared plans for all available disposal options to ensure our client could action all those available to them at pace.


Successful trade sale of the supplier in line with both the value, and time requirements.

Sale completed privately, ensuring client exposure was minimised effectively.