Strategy Case Studies

Strategy Benchmarking Transformation
Project Lead: Ian Barker

Supporting a large supplier's transformation through challenger strategy and scenario analysis

Our client, a large Energy retailer, was looking for quantitative and qualitative analysis on how challenger energy suppliers operate. We delivered our insights and recommendations to the board using our modelling on the energy market, backed by the evidence gained through our benchmarking study.

Project Lead: Matt Turner

Economic advisory on Ofgem’s price cap for a large energy retailer

Our client, a large energy retailer, was looking for economic advisory on how it would be impacted by Ofgem’s price cap and how it should respond to its consultation. It needed to pull together a team at short notice to provide the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the published data provided in the Ofgem data room.

Strategy M&A
Project Lead: Ian Barker

Accelerated M&A process on behalf of a Senior Secured Creditor

We deployed our accelerated M&A team to conduct due diligence analysis of the domestic retailer, modelling the business, and customer book, at pace to prepare for all disposal options.

Headshot image of Tom Bromwich, Director at BFY Group.
Project Lead: Tom Bromwich

Strategic options analysis for a mid-sized challenger

Our client, the Managing Director of a mid-sized challenger brand, was struggling to create a strategic plan and needed support to produce scenario analysis on a number of strategic options.

Project Lead: Ian Barker

Wholesale trading analysis on challenger brands to increase gross margin

Our client, a large Energy retailer, needed deeper insight into how challenger brands bought wholesale energy, and to what degree this could be providing a cost advantage. We delivered a detailed report on the leading challenger brands’ wholesale market activity, helping our client change its own approach and increase its gross margin.