Supporting a Big6 supplier's transformation through challenger strategy and scenario analysis


Our client, a Big6 Energy Retailer, was looking for quantitative and qualitative analysis on how challenger energy suppliers operate.

It wanted to understand the operating models they were using and how they would perform in different scenarios.

Working on behalf of the Strategy Director, we were initially asked to educate and advise the board on the economics and motivations of challenger suppliers.



We undertook detailed modelling to provide insight to our client on the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow impacts of various scenarios on challengers.

We undertook a detailed benchmarking exercise, and provided strategic options analysis on how they could achieve the ‘efficient frontier’ in cost to serve.

We ran workshops with the board, helping to refine their executable strategic options.


We delivered our insights and recommendations to the board using our modelling on the energy market, backed by the evidence gained through our benchmarking study.

Following this analysis, the client decided to re-platform its business and change operating model to compete with challengers’ leaner operating models.