Jonathan Paton joins BFY Group as Senior Manager

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26 Apr 2023
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As our team growth continues, we are delighted to welcome Jonathan Paton to BFY Group!

Jon has joined the team as a Senior Manager, with a strong background in Energy, Utilities, and Financial Services, across management consulting and industry leadership roles.

Alongside bringing exceptional consulting experience to BFY, Jon’s arrival presents an exciting opportunity to accelerate our expansion into Financial Services.

In this blog, we explore Jon’s background in more detail, and get his thoughts on joining BFY, and what he’s hoping to achieve with us.

What attracted you to BFY?

“A great company culture is something that is very important to me. You spend a lot of time at work, so you need to know you will enjoy being there. From BFY’s online presence, I got a very strong vibe that the company had a great culture, a friendly and family-like approach, while also delivering great results for clients.

Once I started speaking to people from BFY through the recruitment process, I could quickly tell I was surrounded by like-minded people, who were exceptionally skilled and enjoyed working at BFY.”

What did your previous Consulting experience involve?

“A lot of variety! From leading projects to digitise DNO network records, to putting on PPE and getting into sewers as part of wastewater field force improvement programmes. I also led on more standard customer contact improvement diagnostics, and customer service improvement projects.”

How have you found your first week at BFY?

“Excellent. I may have been lucky that my first day aligned with a Quarterly Business Review session and team fun afternoon, but in doing so I got to meet all the team face-to-face, understand last year's performance and the focus for the year ahead, as well as have a few informal drinks with everyone.

I was hugely impressed by the onboarding experience, and the willingness of everyone to answer any questions I had - despite being really busy themselves!”

What are you hoping to achieve at BFY?

“Bit of a two-prong answer here. Firstly, to continue to deliver the fantastic results and outcomes for clients that the team have been doing already, leading ongoing successful projects, and building great long-term relationships with clients.

Secondly, as BFY continues to grow, to help leverage my knowledge from within the Financial Services industry. This will help to build out the trusted capabilities BFY already has, and bring these to Financial Services clients, looking to build long-term relationships in this space too.”

More about Jon

Jon has worked with numerous large organisations, such as Thames Water, E.ON, nPower, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, UK Power Networks, and Capital One Europe Plc.

Some examples of previous work that Jon's experience covers:

  • Delivering exceptional customer service levels via Capacity Management planning and new MI provision, for remote front-line working during the Covid-19 pandemic (as part of numerous other operational activities in this space)
  • Undertaking a full diagnostic on e2e customer contact centre performance, covering capacity planning, culture improvements, digital self serve options/inbound volume reduction, and NPS improvements
  • Driving customer debt backlog reduction, via a series of tactical and strategic improvement areas

Jon has held leadership roles in Customer Operations, Operational Insight and Customer Fulfilment Delivery within the Financial Services industry. Most recently, he was Head of Customer Operations Cost and Capacity Management at Capital One Europe Plc.

Get in touch

For more information on how we can support you in these areas, contact Jon here.

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