Free Guide: Collections aren't working - What now?

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Collections aren't working - What now?

Domestic energy debt and Direct Debit failures both reached an all-time high in April-24, while suppliers continue to grapple with underperforming collections processes.

Controlling what's controllable must be your priority in today's market. It starts with driving genuine customer engagement, to take some control of the £2.3bn of unsecured debt in the industry.

This free guide looks at:

  • Understanding the individual circumstances faced by customers
  • Avoiding further long-term harm to customers and suppliers
  • Elevating your collections process to industry best practice

Record Levels of Energy Debt

What's the outlook?

Prices are dropping, which is good news, but with an average price drop of ~£250 YOY, and average outstanding balances of £2.2k for those not on arrangements, prices normalising at this point can surely only arrest the trend of growth – it won’t resolve the huge numbers now sat on suppliers’ balance sheets. Rachel Littlewood Director
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Managing Customer Debt

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