Senior Consultant

James Ashley



  • Transformation
  • Strategy and Commercial
  • Product Development and Innovation

James has close to a decade of experience in transformation, and the development of the largest Utilities and Financial Services companies in Europe.

Prior to joining BFY, James has worked within the energy industry and as a management consultant. He has extensive practical capability in leading the implementation of projects, and in providing clarity and direction in complex environments.

In the last three years, James has undertaken projects on:

  • CRM platform migration
  • Emerging market product development
  • Organisational way-of-working transformations

During James’ time at npower, he progressed from Analyst in the UK to Innovation Lead in Germany. In his time in Germany, he experienced working across six European energy markets.

In two of his most recent projects as a Consultant James has:

  • Led a Swedish eMobility company to implement a new working model, enabling the achievement of their commercial objectives
  • Managed a long-term way-of-working transformation project with a UK insurance company, leading to them achieving their FCA regulatory requirements, and an increase in their delivery frequency

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