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19 Mar 2023
Working at BFY

Join our team of industry experts to help our clients deliver long lasting transformational change.

As we continue to grow we're always on the look out for great people. We're currently expecting to hire another 10 roles across the next 6m.

About BFY

✅ A recognised Great Place To Work

✅ High performing team of industry experts

✅ Nottingham based, privately owned

✅ Recognised as one of the leading management consultancies in Energy and Utilities

Our Hiring Approach

Our approach is a little bit different at BFY. We look for 'awesome humans' first - you might call them 'good eggs', 'great people', at Netflix they would call them 'stunning colleagues'. We want to hire people that you will have a great time working with, undertaking hard work on behalf of our clients in order to help them transform their businesses.

Typically, these are some of the best people from industry - and then we train consulting skills, to build on top of the expertise you're already bringing to the party.

Our Vacancies

We are always hunting for two core roles at BFY:

  1. Management Consultant Problem solvers who can get to grips with analysis of root causes, and lead workstreams with clients.
  2. Transformation Manager Delivery experts who know how to get things done, ensure outcomes, and drive benefits.

You can always find these roles on our Jobs page. If you're worried you might not a perfect fit for these roles - but you are an awesome human - then please submit a speculative application, as we'd love to hear from you.

Our Lines Of Business

At BFY we focus on 3 core lines of business:

  1. Strategy and Insight Giving clients strategic and market driven advice.
  2. Operations Improving core business areas.
  3. Transformation Delivering change and transformation.

We use the expertise of our people, combined with out consulting toolkit, to deliver exceptional work for clients.

If you're recognised as being an expert, or you've got a real ability to make change happen, then we'd love to hear from you.

Our Industry Sectors

We're very well recognised and respected in our core industry sectors of Energy, Water, and Utilities.

Our Operational Excellence and Transformation practices are Industry agnostic - we can deploy those skills into any industry sector.

We're continuing to hire into our Water practice, and grow our Financial Services practice.

We're a Great Place To Work

In recognition of our people focussed, high performing culture - we were certified as a Great Place To Work in 2022.

With 100% of our people agreeing they could be themselves at work, that everyone at BFY genuinely cares about each other, and their colleagues are prepared to go above and beyond to get the job done!

Our Office

Your working environment is hugely important to enabling you to do exceptional work for clients.

We've invested heavily in upgrading our central Nottingham office to create an exceptional place to work for an exceptional team.

✅ Conferencing and co-working space

✅ Using the latest MS Teams infrastructure

✅ Quiet spaces for 121's

✅ Huddle rooms

✅ Breakout space

✅ Solo space for when you need to get things done

We are 1min away from parking, and <10min away from the Train station

Hybrid and Flexible Working

We've been 'digital by design from day one' at BFY, which means despite having an awesome office - you're not expected to be there each day.

Our staff are treated as grown ups who are able to balance the needs of their clients, their teams, and themselves to be in the right place to get the right things done.

We're able to offer flexible working from day one, in order to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Here's some examples:

4 Day Week - A number of our team work a 4 day week, to allow them to pursue personal goals outside of work.

Compressed Hours - Some of the team compress full time hours into a reduced number of days, enabling them to spend more time with their family.

Adjusted Work Patterns - Some of the team work 9 days in 10.

Enhanced Holidays - You can 'buy' unlimited holidays at BFY (on top of the 33 days as standard) as part of our flexible benefits package.

Term Time Adjustments - Some times you need to be around to take the kids to school or collect them, and in the school holidays you might need more time off. We understand this and have got you covered.

Interested in joining our team? Visit the BFY Jobs page to find out more.

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