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Jon Vincent - Revenue Assurance and Industry Operations

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Email: Jon.Vincent@bfygroup.co.uk

Phone: 07429 144164

Profile: Jon Vincent

Jon helps clients resolve problems with billing, settlements, and customer service - improving profitability by maximising the delivery of revenue and reducing cost to serve.

Jon's recent work has included:

  • Helping a big six supplier with large scale cost reduction in its Back Office, improving outcomes for customers to reduce Front Office demand.

  • He has led Back Office readiness and data cleanse activity to support a successful large-scale migration and has helped clients to maximise profitability by reducing revenue leakage.

Jon has held roles in Customer Services and Revenue Assurance within the energy industry for over 18 years before joining BFY. Most recently, he was Head of Billing at npower.

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