too high?


Failing to correctly manage customer complaints can seriously harm your business reputation and drive a significant increase in your cost to serve. 


Complaints represent a wealth of insight into the root cause of problems across your business. BFY identifies these underlying problems and supports process improvements to reduce complaint volume.


At the same time, we can improve your complaint handling procedures and upskill agents to improve complaint management speed and effectiveness.


Example support scenarios:


  • You have a backlog of complaints requiring urgent intervention

  • You need to reduce the in-flow of complaints by resolving root causes around your business

  • You need to upskill the capability of the people handling your complaints, both on your front-line (customer service) and your escalated complaints handling teams

  • You need to use data analytics to support pro-active working, and automation, of exceptions


Recent cases:


  • Transforming the end-to-end complaints management approach for a fast-growing energy supplier, reducing costs by £2m per annum

  • Driving process improvements for a large incumbent supplier to support complaints backlog reduction

Reduce complaint volume for business wide benefits