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To make effective changes to your business, knowing which specific areas are performing well or below potential is vital. While it is relatively easy to discover the performance of the industry as a whole, the detailed comparisons needed to make informed decisions for your business are hard to find.


Energy Supplier Benchmarking

BFY maintains the largest energy supplier benchmarking study in the UK. The study covers both B2B energy suppliers and B2C/Domestic energy suppliers - and more than half of the UK’s suppliers are participants. 


The introduction of Ofgem’s Price Cap and OPEX allowance methodology for domestic/B2C suppliers means a focus on cost leadership is ever more important.


For B2B suppliers our study is able to highlight which segments of the market offer the greatest potential for profitability.


Our study collects and analyses data across the Cost-To 'levers':

  • Cost-To Serve- Front Office activity

  • Cost-To Operate - Back Office activity

  • Cost-To Debt Collection - Debt Collection activity, including in-house, DCA's, and legal costs

  • Cost-To Meter - Meter reading, installation, and meter operator costs

  • Cost-To Acquire - Customer acquisition costs

  • Cost-To Bad Debt - Bad debt charge

  • Cost-To IT - IT and system costs

  • Cost-To Other - Overheads and central costs


By utilising standardised reporting across all study participants we have removed ambiguity and uncertainty, with comparisons made on a like for like basis. Suppliers in the study gain an accurate understanding of their relative performance, enabling them to make data driven, accurate decisions.

To understand more, contact Adam Jones or Ian Barker


Water Supplier Benchmarking

Our Water Supplier Benchmarking study is now being mobilised, to learn more please contact Adam Jones or Ian Barker


Outsource Operations Performance Benchmarking

Our Outsource Operations Performance Benchmarking study is now being mobilised, to learn more please contact Adam Jones or Ian Barker


Recent cases:


  • A large supplier was able to get a detailed understanding of their level of out-performance against the OFGEM Price Cap

  • A B2B energy supplier having benchmarked their costs, chose to exit an underperforming segment of the market

  • A large supplier chose to re-platform and transform their operating model in order to achieve best in class operating costs

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